CCCCD Board approves contract
for new Chancellor to start on Nov. 1, 2020

This is Dr. Reece’s 30th year working in higher education, with 15 years of senior management experience. He has held positions as College President, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dean, and private sector management.

His efforts at Norco Community College achieved measurable results with an overall increase in student head count for the college by 9.6 percent, an 18.3 percent improvement in overall student completion of degrees, certificates and transfer readiness,

Bryan Reece, Ph.D

a 50 percent increase in transfers to the University of California System, and a 26 percent increase in completion of degrees, certificates and transfer readiness for students of color.

Chancellor-Designate Reece earned a Ph.D., MA and BA from the University of Southern California (USC) and taught Political Science as a tenured faculty member for 19 years.